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“I’ve seen Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck. I never got to see (Jimi) Hendrix,
but you’re as close as I’m ever gonna get...”
-Fan Quote, Local Spins


See You Aug 11th and 12th at our Fest Of All
Music And Art Celebration!!!

Would You Believe Plants Can Play Music? 


On Cosmic Knot's upcoming album, "Do You?"

 plants not only play music, they jam right along with Cosmic Knot in real time...

Cosmic Knot is not your ordinary band, more like a band on a mission.  To see Cosmic Knot live is to experience something that most won't soon forget.  Striving to literally take music to its furthest physical limits, this band puts every ounce of divine energy possible into every note they play.   That energy is conveyed with a contagious positive feeling that permeates audiences to their core. 


Harnessing musical virtuosity that pushes the boundaries of human physical limitations, Cosmic Knot are known for their mind-boggling musicianship and  sets so long most musicians would consider it torture.  A single set can last for well over 3 hours, with crowds dancing nonstop grinning like they are getting away with something. 


The joyus spectacle of a Cosmic Knot show attracts  fans new and old excitedly holding on until every last note.

Cosmic Knot has birthed a new genre of music termed "Florganoleptic Music"





1. : A genre of music describing the art of plants playing music with people, with the aid of an electronic device...

-Urban Dictionary

Check out the new genre in this video of a Giant Sequoia playing music with Tom Wall of
Cosmic Knot for part of CNN's Call To Earth segment with The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive:
The World Needs More Love
~Live At Dogtown Studio~
Plant Jam
~Live @ Dogtown Studios~

Striving For What Is Always Out Of Reach
~Live At Third Coast Recording Co.~

Press Quotes:

*"I have never been so physically and emotionally overwhelmed by a live musical presence before. You are so much greater than the sum of your
members, which are each incredible in their own talent

-G. Duke, Grand Rapids, MI

*"There is no band anywhere around here (and maybe anywhere, period!) that is quite like Cosmic Knot! Trust us, these guys must be seen/heard to be believed. Funk/Soul/Rock/Jam/Groove all wrapped in a smooth psychedelic blanket, don't miss it!"

-The Speak EZ Lounge

*"I can’t speak highly enough for the musicianship that makes up this collection"


-Stereo Stickman


*"Cosmic Knot beholds a world of complexities about a world of complexities"


-Indie Band Guru


*"The music is a cosmic blessing" 


-P Funk All Star Muruga Booker

Recent Press:

L.A. Times Coverage On Our Recent Expedition With The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive To Clone, Reforest And Play Music With The Ancient Sequoias and Redwoods:

FOX 17 Segment:

Screenshot_20210525-162702_Chrome (2).jp
Detroit Metro Times Feature:

Cosmic Knot Article On Florganoleptic Music:
~Published in Garden Culture Magazine~




Tom at Third Coast Studio with the 2 guitars he built and his Mayson Acoustic endorsement. 
(Tom built his first guitar(left) for his high-school shop class in 2001, earning him multiple M.I.T.E.S. awards for the effort.   Shortly after finishing the guitar he won the local talent show with his new hand built instrument.)
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