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Since their beginning in 2015, Cosmic Knot have accomplished a great deal with their music.  Playing to crowds of thousands, winning awards, throwing their own festivals, inventing a new genre of music involving plants and hitting the charts with their debut album "Inner Space" are just a few highlights of the band's success.

Their debut album Inner Space hit #7 on the Relix Radio Chart, and continued to maintain a top 30 position on for an incredible 5 months also landing on national college radio's top 500.  During that time the album hit the top 20 on multiple radio stations around the country, also reaching #1 on local favorite WYCE.













Inner Space is currently in rotation on radio stations around the world with literally thousands of copies of the album hand distributed to eager recipients at shows around the country.


For A Free Copy Of Cosmic Knot's Recent Release Live At Third Coast Recording Co.

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The Music Of Cosmic Knot Is Propelled By The Sounds Of Nature.


  This synergistic relationship with nature and music led Tom Wall to discover a way of playing improvisational music with the accompaniment of plants through the aid of an electronic device...


In other words plants can play music!


The new music genre of plants sitting in with the band has been called







A genre of music describing the art of plants playing music with people, with the aid of an electronic device...


-Urban Dictionary

The concept has won awards and has been discussed internationally for

Garden Culture Magazine, Australian podcast - Plants Grow Here,

The Ringing Cedars Of Russia Conferences, Festival Of The Plants In France and more.

You Can Find The Garden Culture Magazine Article that started it all:








Working with alternate tunings like A=432hz and being endorsed by Cusack Music, Mayson Acoustic Guitars and Mojo Hand FX, frontman Tom Wall has been pushing the boundaries of modern music through his connection with nature, music and improvisation.  This connection has won awards been featured at festivals, aired on television shows and taught about at Universities.







Once Wall learned to compose music with plants he quickly incorporated his findings into his band Cosmic Knot. 


Playing music with plants is achieved with a special midi device that allows plants to make music by connecting electrodes to the roots and leaves and measuring the electromagnetic variations between the two. 


Through recording a plants electromagnetic impulses a wave is formed.  Each peak of the wave is assigned a musical note which allows the plant to create music in real time with the band.









The inclusion of Mother Nature and A=432hz in music is something that is featured throughout Cosmic Knot's first album Inner Space and will be a staple on the upcoming albums as well.

Tom Wall and Cosmic Knot are very grateful to have won these awards that helped them become the band they are today:

ArtPrize Monetary Awards - ArtPrize Top 25 - Best Song Award

Fretboard Contest - Walk The Beat

More Garden Culture Articles by Tom:


Sound Garden Advice - The Sound In The Silence - Wake Up Call

Finding Balance In The Garden - Cannabis Breeding 101

Everybody Is Sky High

Christmas Conifers


(Hash Bash - University of Michigan 2018)
(Pond Jam Fest 2019)
Cosmic Knot Stage wywh 2018 art logo.jpg
Plant Music Aloe Studio.jpg
(Do You Album Session - Third Coast Recording Company)
(Aloe Terra And Tom In The Studio Dec. 14th 2019)
(The Perfect Pour Variety Show Just Before Covid Hit)
(Wish You Were Here Fest Crew 2018)
Having hosted the Wish You Were Here Celebration of life since 2015 Cosmic Knot things have taken on new growth.  We are excited to announce the birth of the new
Fest Of All Music Celebration!

Taking root in 2020 the Fest Of All Music Celebration is quickly growing into one of West Michigan's finest festivals. 
This year will be even better!!!

~Click Here For Details~
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