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Tom Wall and his band Cosmic Knot are not easy to categorize.

From Discussions, Installments, Wild Herbal Tea Classes, Workshops and Solo Performances to a Full Band Playing With A Sequoia Tree there are many different facets to Tom's Cosmic Knot...
~2021 Highlight Video~
Through his travels Tom has won countless awards and learned many different variations of musical styles and horticultural practices from around the world.  Tom has spent decades working with the plant kingdom and playing music across the country.
Photo Courtesy: Ethan Swope AATA
Growing up with a notion that music and nature were inextricably connected, Wall now finds himself teaching and playing music while the plants and trees around him play along, harmonizing beautifully.
Photo Courtesy: Ethan Swope AATA
Full Band
(With Or Without Plants!)
Cosmic Knot Stock Photo 2022.jpg
Photo Courtesy: Carrie Malleaux
Plant Music Sessions
Photo Courtesy: Ethan Swope AATA
Photo Courtesy: Ethan Swope AATA
Photo Courtesy: Ethan Swope AATA
Plant Conducted Music And Light Installations
Photo Courtesy: Ethan Swope AATA
Wild Herbal Tea Walks
Photo Courtesy: Tom Wall
Solo Performances
Me playing guitar on a mountain wv 3.jpg
Photo Courtesy: Brendon Dodson
Plant Guided Meditations
And Yoga Sessions
Photo Courtesy: Christopher Dragone
The Cosmic Knot team loves to work with great events that inspire people to spread good in the world.

If you'd like to book Cosmic Knot at your event please reach out to
ITA Entertainment by emailing:
Photo Credits:  
Ethan Swope - Archangel Ancient Tree Archive
Carrie Malleaux - Pond Jam 2021
Brendon Dodson - The Gorge, West Virgina
Christopher Dragone - Lakeshore Yoga Center 
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